PGPARA Payment Services 

PGPARA Payment Services was established in 2016 and obtasinedits operating license for Money Transfer transactions in accordance with the decision of Banking Regulation and Supervision Agency (BRSA) numbered 8751 dated 26/12/2019 and the official newspaper numbered 30995 dated 31/12/2019. PGPARA Payment Services  has been established by a team of experts with experience and knowledge and persons who made a great effort and worked in their own industry and who have a strong affection and respect in their own region.

As PGPARA brand, we are aware of all the problems, which our representatives acting on behalf of us may experience with their customers one-to-one and we firstly aim to ensure that all transactions are carried out safely and quickly and to increase to the highest level of customer satisfaction throughout Turkey. As PGPARA brand, we stand behind our services from beginning to end and we will always continue to stand behind our services.



PGPARA Services



We also plan to perform the money transfer transactions through the representatives of our company.

In our country, money transfer transactions are carried out via Bank branches, PTT branches and Payment institutions. Due to the fact that money transfers through the bank and PTT branches cannot be made on weekends and after 17:00 within the day, payment institutions become assertive and widespread in the sector.

According to the Digital, Internet and Mobile Banking Statistics of Banks Association of Turkey dated December 2017, in the October-December 2017 period, the number of money transfers that was fulfilled through the banks by means of using internet banking became 71 million and the total transaction volume became TL 957 billion. In consideration of this 3-month data, money transfer transaction approximately corresponding to 300 million are carried out annually in the digital media of banks in our country and a transaction volume close to TL 4 trillion is created during these transactions.  

Transactions made face-to-face by bank branches and PTT branches and representatives of payment institutions are another method of money transfer transactions. According to PTT data related to transactions made face-to-face, 1 million transactions are carried out annually and the total volume during these transactions reach approximately TL 1 billion 200 million. As a company, we plan to include in the market and therefore our aim is to take place in the market where PTT is widespread and an average of 1 million transactions per year occur.

Again, the political and economic instabilities encountered in the Middle Eastern countries have seriously affected the banking systems in other countries and caused the collapse of the banking system. This situation affects almost all kinds of money transfer transactions of traders who have to be in contact with the foreign market. We plan to get into the Middle East market if the system we plan to establish in our country builds on a solid ground in the medium term. Transfers to be made from the Middle Eastern countries to the Far East and European countries are costly and require a process, this situation will facilitate the growth of our company in this field and help it reach a serious potential in the Middle East market.