• PGPARA carries out both domestic money transfers (“Domestic Money Transfer Transactions”) and money transfers with one side domestic and the other side abroad (“International Money Transfer Transactions”).PGPARA carries out its international money transfer transactions through the cooperation it has established within the framework of the provisions of Article 16/4 of the Communiqué (“Communiqué”) on the management and control of information systems of payment institutions and electronic money institutions.
  • The following terms and conditions will apply to Domestic money transfers made by PGPARA.For international money transfers, please review the International Money Transfer Services Terms and Conditions.


  • PGPARA offers money transfer transactions, payment services and electronic money issuance, and sales points approved in writing by PGPARA through its authorized agents / representatives (“PGPARA Representatives”) in accordance with the regulation on payment institutions and electronic money institutions.
  • PGPARA customers will be able to get information about the nearest PGPARA representatives and their working hours by calling the phone number below for the money transfer transactions they want to make.
  • Domestic money transfer transactions can generally be carried out within minutes, depending on the working hours of PGPARA representatives.
  • PGPARA acts as a fully independent Payment Institution and does not act as a representative or representative of any bank and does not accept deposits on behalf of any bank.
  • For Money Transfer transactions, money must be available for cash payments.
  • In addition, the sender and recipient must submit valid documents to prove their identity in order to make any payments in money transfers.
  • In domestic money transfers, the payment is made to the rightful buyer who will be determined by the relevant PGPARA representatives by examining the identity documents of the buyer.
  • Even if there are typographical errors in the information forms filled by the recipient, the relevant PGPARA representative is authorized to make the payment if she/he is of the opinion that the recipient is the person on the identity document submitted.
  • PGPARA representatives may request the buyer to present their identity and / or answer the relevant security question so that the recipient can receive the cash payment for the money order.
  • In domestic money transfer transactions, in accordance with the laws in force, money transfer transactions with certain persons may be prohibited.
  • In order to comply with the relevant legislation, PGPARA representatives are obliged to conduct research within the framework of the determined name lists in accordance with the legal legislation on Prevention of Laundering Proceeds of Crime and Terrorist Financing in all money transfer transactions to be carried out.
  • In cases where a possible match is detected, PGPARA representatives can examine the details of the transaction to determine whether the person is actually on the list.In these cases, customers are asked to provide additional identification or information.Therefore, there may be delays in transactions.This is a legal requirement for all money transfers carried out by PGPARA.


  • Written information regarding the fee to be applied to the sender when making a money transfer is prominently displayed at PGPARA representatives or presented to the customer in writing prior to the money transfer transaction.
  • All fees related to money transfer transactions are covered by the sender.
  • In certain cases, the fee for money transfer transactions may be subject to additional taxes and deductions.


  • If the unit of the money paid by the sender to make a money transfer to the relevant agent / agency is not the same as the currency to be received by the buyer, the amount of payment will be converted and paid by the relevant agent / agency at the reference exchange rate applied at that time.
  • Most exchange rates are updated several times a day in line with the closing rates of the global financial markets.
  • The exchange rate applied may be less advantageous than some publicly available exchange rates used in transactions between banks and other financial institutions.


  • Within 45 days from the date of the transaction, PGPARA will refund only the principal amount of the money transfer (at the current exchange rate specified here at the time of payment) upon the written request of the sender, if the recipient has not requested payment to it.
  • PGPARA will refund the money transfer fee if the money transfer has not reached the recipient within the specified period for any reason, including but not limited to the working hours of the relevant PGPARA Representative selected for the payment process or circumstances beyond the control of the PGPARA representative, such as adverse weather conditions and communication failures.
  • If the money transfer process is stopped at the sender’s request, the fee received from the sender for the money transfer transaction will not be refunded.
  • In some money transfer transactions, the payment may be delayed due to the applicable law.
  • If permitted by law, PGPARA may deduct fees from money transfers that are not received within one year from the date of shipment.


  • PGPARA does not give any guarantee regarding the provision or suitability of any product or service paid by domestic money order.
  • Transaction information of the sender is shared only with her/him.
  • It is strongly recommended that the sender does not share transaction information with anyone other than the recipient and does not send money to people she/he does not know.
  • PGPARA or any of its representatives are in no way responsible for sharing transaction information by the sender with anyone other than the recipient.
  • In domestic money transfer transactions, PGPARA is responsible for PGPARA customers.
  • Data Security Your personal information (“Information”) is processed in accordance with applicable laws and stored by PGPARA.
  • Permission to PGPARA to use your transaction or payment information, transaction and loyalty program details, transaction history and marketing preferences (including administrative purposes, customer service, payment approval, user consent, fraud protection, and product and business development activities) you give.
  • PGPARA or its affiliates may also use your information related to other services, products, satisfaction and / or reward programs.
  • Optionally, if you provide your phone number, mobile phone number and / or e-mail information to PGPARA or PGPARA representatives, you give your consent to be informed about the transaction with the specified means (phone / SMS / e-mail / MMS) If a fee is applied, you agree that you are responsible for such fees.
  • If you do not want to receive marketing notifications, please contact PGPARA by calling the phone number below.
  • PGPARA will store and protect the information that the sender has given regarding the recipient of the money order or provided about another person (“Third Party Information”) in order to process the transaction.
  • The submission of your information and third party information is optional, but this information is necessary for the processing and execution of the transaction.
  • Without relevant information and third party information, PGPARA will not be able to process money transfers or payments or provide other requested services.
  • PGPARA may use your information and third-party information to perform the money transfer or payment service.
  • In addition, PGPARA may use this information to improve its services and share it with authorized service providers, representatives and other third parties.
  • By using PGPARA money transfer, you consent to such use or sharing of information and third party information.
  • When necessary, PGPARA may share your information with third parties for the purposes of detecting and preventing crime, prosecuting criminals and protecting national security, or when required by law.
  • PGPARA stores data regarding the sender’s information, marketing preferences and transaction history, based on our record keeping programs, for no longer than the period for which the data is collected and in compliance with applicable laws.
  • If the sender does not take any further action within the period of data storage, the sender information and marketing preferences will be deleted.
  • You have the right to access your information and to request a copy of this information.
  • You can correct, delete or block incomplete, incorrect or outdated information.
  • If you want to take advantage of these rights or do not want to receive commercial announcements from PGPARA anymore, please contact PGPARA using the number given below during normal working hours.
  • If you are not satisfied with the service provided by PGPARA, you can call the phone number below.
  • PGPARA will take care of your complaints and requests as soon as possible and endeavor to finalize them as soon as possible.

Customer Service Number +90-312 495 66 88