PGPARA offers the cash remittance transactions at Sales Points previously approved in written by PGPARA through its agencies / representatives granted authorization in accordance with the Regulation on Payment Services and Electronic Money Issuance and Payment Institutions and Electronic Money Institutions. PGPARA customers will be able to receive information about the closest PGPARA Representatives and their working hours by calling the phone number specified below for the money transfer transactions they want to perform.



If the currency unit paid by the sender to the relevant representative / agent in order to make money transfer is not the same as the currency unit to be received by the buyer, the payment amount will be paid by converting over the reference exchange rate applied at that date by the relevant agency / representative.

Most exchange rates are adjusted several times a day, based on the closing rates of the global financial markets.

The applied exchange rate may be less advantageous than some exchange rates that are used in transactions between banks and other financial institutions and announced to the public. 


PGPARA does not provide any warranty for the provision or eligibility of any product or service paid through domestic / international money transfer.

The sender’s transaction information is shared only with him/her.

It is highly recommended that the sender should not share his/her transaction information with anyone other than the recipient and should not send money to people who he/she does not know.

In the case that the sender shares transaction information with someone other than the recipient, PGPARA or any of its representatives are in no way responsible for it.

PGPARA may also use your information in respect to other services, products, satisfaction and / or reward programs in the presence of PGPARA or its affiliates.

Optionally, if you give your phone number, mobile number and / or e-mail information to BPN or BPN Representatives, you are deemed to have accepted that you approve to be informed of the transaction through the means (such as telephone / SMS / e-mail / MMS) and also you are deemed to have accepted that you are responsible for such fees, in the event that any fee is applied by the service providers for the SMS services.

PGPARA will store and protect the information (“Third Party Information”) given by the sender regarding the recipient of cash remittance or the information (“Third Party Information”) submitted to another person by the sender in order to carry out the transaction. If you use PGPARA Money Transfer, you allow for using and sharing Information and Third Party Information in this way.

When necessary, PGPARA may share your information with third parties for the purposes of detecting and preventing crime, judging the criminals and protecting national security or where required by law.

PGPARA stores the sender’s information, marketing preferences and transaction history based on our record-keeping programs, provided that it is not longer than the time that is valid for data collection purposes and it complies with the laws in force.

You have the right to access your information and to request a copy of this information.