Money Transfer

We plan to make money transfer transactions between our representatives operating in various provinces and regions of Turkey.

As a company, we have established the marketing department to organize firstly our domestic activities. Information systems department provides digital support to this team. In addition to advertising activities as a marketing strategy, minimum one person from our marketing team will be present in the field to find new representatives in the field and to increase the service quality of the current representatives.

As a company, we aim to reach the user as much as possible in the field by means of performing concept representative model (representatives which perform only the activities offered by our company) as well as corner representative model (representative model whose main field of activity is different and which provides the services additionally offered by our company).

You can overcome the difficulties of traditional methods regarding money transfer. You can carry out receiving or sending money transactions within minutes wherever you are in the world or no matter where it comes from the world. Even you can send and withdraw money with minimal expense in the fastest way without any bank account for these transactions.

  • You can send money within 2-3 minutes and you can withdraw money sent you within 1-2 minutes.
  • You can transfer without the necessity of a bank account.
  • Your money transactions will be taken under protection.
  • Your personal information will be protected.
  • You can also carry out your receiving or sending money transactions outside of the weekend and working hours.
  • You will have no problem during the transfer process.
  • You can send money anywhere in the world and receive money from all over the world.